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Telstra (Retired)

Cable Wifi speeds and power pack used...

Hey there...bit of information here to share.


Obviously there are other issues which can impact Wifi performance dependent on local environment variables which I won't delve into here, but always good to eliminate as many issues as possible in optimising your connected home.


Telstra have done some investigations and noticed that a number of customer faults and concerns around the Netgear CG3100 WiFi speeds have been related to the wrong power plug pack being used for that modem.



  • One customer on Cable Ultimate was getting download speeds on WiFi of less than 1mbit whilst testing next to the modem but achieving 100mbit via Ethernet. 
  • Once the power supply plug pack was replaced for the correct one (supplied) the wireless speeds increased to 55mbit. Ethernet remained the same and to spec.


The DOCSIS 1 Netgear CGD24N and CG814WG model cable modems use a 1A rated plug pack.

The Cable Ultimate capable DOCSIS 3 Netgear CG3I00 uses a 2.5A rated plug pack.


The plug packs look similar and the connections are the same. The DOCSIS 3 modem may seem to work with the DOCSIS 1 power pack - but they do not work properly.




 cable modem packs.PNG

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Re: Cable Wifi speeds and power pack used...

I wonder how often customers that had upgraded to the newer service left their old plug pack in place, more than a few times I'd imagine
Statistically, three out of five people are not the other two
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Re: Cable Wifi speeds and power pack used...

Yes I am one of the dummys that got a new modem and left the old power pack plugged in.  I have had ongoin wireless problems since.  The packs look exactly the same. Doh

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