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call return on nbn

Firstly I chose device updates as the  location as I thought nothing else in the list corresponds to the issue. Please redirect if needed.

The issue:

Since swapping to nbn my call return feature *10# on my landline is not working quite the same. The issue is that once I have either pressed 1 to return the call or hung up if I didn't want to call back straight away/at all,  when I do *10# again, the message is still there, whereas, before nbn, the message was cleared immediately. Doesn't sound like a big issue but if it stays there and you check a day/few days later you don't know if the person has rung you again or its the old message. No date/time to determine this from the msg. I have had friends test their *10# feature : one on nbn and one not....the nbn one is having same problem, so its not just me and the non nbn is working as it always has ie deleting after being actioned. I've been on the telstra messaging system continuously for the last 3 days and multiple users ....each time have to start again and go through the same questions regarding my connections, type of phone and making it clear it is NOT meesagebank issues.... to no avail obviously or I wouldn't be posting this. Any suggestions??

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Re: call return on nbn

Hi - yes I just tested it with similar result - hung up before the returned call is answered and same message there when checking,  which sort of makes sense as you may wish to call the number again. I had no time and date stamp on the greeting - not user friendly. I haven't used that feature for approximately 15 years as I have an answering machine and cordless phone displays Missed Calls with date and time information allowing you to easily look at them all and decide which one you wish to call back. Maybe under NBN , the next incoming call overwrites the previous one. 


If you have a recent Telstra Gen 1.1 or Gen 2 * modem, and you don't need an answering machine, preferring to use Telstra Message Bank, suggest you have a look at the Telstra Smart Handset - Cordless (TSH-C) - it pairs directly to the modem without an external base station - $48. It shows Missed Calls and Outgoing Calls - the same information is also viewable in the modem's admin screens under Telephony. 


* Some previous Telstra modems also support this phone if they have DECT CATiq2.0 compliance. 

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Re: call return on nbn

thanks for that...have been considering a new phone, but until then thought the feature should work as it used to (and for others who don't want to get a new phone). Subsequent missed calls have always overwritten previous as the feature is LAST missed call.... all good

Just a bit frustrating that you can't get through to anybody that can actually guide or find the right department to get a satisfying answer....even if it is "well the feature doesn't /wont be fixed to work on nbn due to whatever protocols"

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