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Can someone from Telstra please assist me?

Hi Telstra,


I am at my wits' end.  I thought the below issue had been resolved, but it hasn't. 


Disclaimer:  I apologise if this sounds like a whinging session, but I really have no choice.  I don't normally complaint (seriously I don't), but have felt the need to in this instance.  This post will add no value to other readers.  I am only writing this hoping that someone from Telstra can assist me.  




At the start of October, I signed up with Telstra on the Ultimate Cable Bundle (200GB) with basic home phone at the Telstra Shop in Doncaster Shoppingtown.


I was told that the cable will be installed first and the phone ported over from TPG shortly after.


My cable was installed approximately 2 weeks' ago (after initially experiencing issues with an installation date because I was told the cable could not be installed as there was a problem with my phone number being ported to Telstra because it had been disconnected). 


On the website, my phone was supposed to be ported to Telstra on 24 October 2011.  When this did not occur, I rang Telstra to find out what is going on. I was told not to worry about it and that the porting would be going through.


When I checked the website again, the status of the phone order said "Delayed".


I rang Telstra again (and being transferred from one department to another as each told me I was incorrectly put through to their department), I came managed to speak to a rep called Andrea.  After explaining my issues to Andrea, she told me that there was an error with Telstra attempting to put the phone order through as my phone number had been disconnected. 


I attempted to explain to Andrea that my phone number had not been disconnected, as I have a dial tone and am able to receive and make calls, she did not believe me.  She then put me on to her supervisor who initially tried to tell me agian, that my number had been disconnected.  I again, attempted to explain that it had not been.


The supervisor then did some checks and informed me that Telstra had to put through a new request to port my number over from TPG, and that it would take an additional 15-20 days as it was a new order.


I asked the supervisor why it would now delay for an additional 15-20 days, and was told because it is now a new order and there was nothing she could do about it. 


I understand that a new order can probably take that long, however, what I don't understand is why a new order needed to be put through?


My issues with the whole experience


1. I would really like someone from Telstra to go through my file in detail and let me know what is happening. 


2. I have really been getting the run around this time.  I have been assured the phone would be ported over and that I wouldn't need to do a thing or worry about it.  But this has not been the case.


3. I feel I have no choice but to use this medium to obtain some answers to my questions.  I have tried to use the phone to speak to a consultant (with limited success), I have tried to use Live Chat (the person whom I interacted with was very nice an friendly) and now, I am using this forum.


4. I have only come over to Telstra and so far, the customer service experience has been less than ideal.  The network performance is great though!


5. I am really tired of doing the chasing up.  Hopefully someone can help me sort this out once and for all.


Thanks for listening,





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