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Can't connect ps4 to internet after getting nbn?


 So I went away for the weekend, come back and discovered we were now connected to the nbn. All my devices connected fine, no dramas. But when I went to connect my ps4, I struggled. A quick google search told me that ps4s can't connect to 5G or whatever that means I'm really not good with this stuff. I read things like change your DNS settings and such but my ps4 literally won't even show the network where it says "which wifi-network do you want to use?" I can see all of my neighbours but not the new one. I tried entering the name in manually but that didn't work. Please help I am so hopeless with all of this stuff.

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Can't connect ps4 to internet after getting nbn?

I am assuming you have changed modems?


The wifi signal from the new modem probably isn't strong enough to reach the PS4 where it is located.


The other problem could be that the 2.4GHz wifi network is not switched on. Can you see the 2.4GHz network from any of your other devices?


If not, go in to the homepage of the modem ( and go to the wifi settings to turn it on.

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