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Can't Connect PS4 to Network

I've spent hours trying to do this through my PS4 LAN connection (powerline adapter connection) and it is driving me nuts (I haven't smashed my TV, yet....). I have followed all the steps in the Telstra article at the bottom of the page in addition to those which I've read online. Telstra sent me a new cable and modem last week. I never had issues connecting the PS4 via LAN with the old modem/router.


I have obtained my PS4 MAC address and entered it in the local network 'static leases' section of the router web page. I then pinged an unused I.P address and statically assigned it to the PS4. I have also forwarded the necessary PS4 ports (TCP and UDP) in the router as well and entered the static I.P address to that section. 

On the PS4 I have entered the primary DNS as and the secondary DNS as

Any help is greatly appreciated. 



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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Can't Connect PS4 to Network

You shouldn't really need to have done anything that you've done.

It should just work by going in to the PS4 and manually setting up the LAN connection by putting in the IP address of the gateway. Although it should normally just work on an automatic setup without any adjustments at all assuming the powerline adapter has been set up correctly.
If you have a laptop, plug it in to the powerline adapter and see if it works.
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