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Cannot connect to my emails

When I try to connect to read my emails I frequently get a message telling me that I have ntried to connect too many times in too short a time. If I continue to try I, basically, will be reported and it will take longer for me to be able to connect.

This happens on the majority of times that I try to read my emails.

1. Who decides whether or not I have tried to connect to my email 'service' too many times?

2. This happens whether it is one hour 10 hours or 60 hours since I last tried.

Surely it is nobody's business but mine as to how often I wish to read my emails?

I have spoken to Telstra many, many times trying to get this fixed. It has been happening for many months. Does anyone know how I can get it fixed.?

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Cannot connect to my emails

Assuming that you are using Webmail to access your emails, have you tried clearing the cookies and cache in your browser (you then need to close and reopen the browser)? That type of problem is usually caused by a piece of code that causes the browser to attempt many connections to the site at once, triggering the security on the connection.

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