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Cant see data usage - Cable broadband

Signed up to cable service but cant see my data usage. For a few reasons its extremely important I know how much is being used and if its going to run out.
Asked on 24x7 chat multiple times, last chat was 4th November 2019. Here is an excerpt from the chat

As our usage meter is under maintainence so that is the reason its showing 0 and our IT team is working on it to sort it out.


Me: it hasnt worked for weeks?


I request you to wait till it gets fixed and yes our backend team is working very hard to fix it.


As of now there is no latest update regarding this and whenever it will be fixed you will get notified.

This is beyond ridiculous! Please help


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Re: Cant see data usage - Cable broadband

Unfortunately no one here is going to be able to provide much help with this one for you. The meter has been known to have issues with cable on and off as long as I can remember... a few times they stopped metering cable completely because it just wasn’t working. I had thought it had been fixed but alas must not have been completely successful. 

That being said it will also not show until the order has fully completed. For cable only plans that should be usually within 24 hours, if there is a bundle with a phone service this will not be until all services are up and running fully, so may be longer. 

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Re: Cant see data usage - Cable broadband

Was on live chat for over an hour last week, which i was passed onto 3 different people until i was advised with "its a known issue with no ETA". As DrQ said above im pretty sure they have no idea why its happening and cant fix it.

I doubt it will ever be fixed, with the NBN completion set for next year probably doesn't make to much sense to fixing something that aint going to be used... Although would be handy to find out how much i actually use though.

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