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Change of Plan Internet NBN

Guys, Experienced very strange situation when tried to do change of plan. 

I am NBN since past 4 years (same plan) now tried to change of plan "Premium Plan" Ultimate speed considering Smart Modem will have 4G backup else I had no other difference in plan. (current modem don't have 4G backup capability)


To my surprise, i have been told that i need to pay for the modem??? as  i am not the new customer. quite strange to see over 4 year old modem they want to charge for new modem?


On the other note for new customers modem is part of plan if remain connected for 24 months?


So, technically the options I have either cancel the telstra service and then connect again to get new modem or move to other provider. 





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Re: Change of Plan Internet NBN

You could try and convince Telstra that the modem current is not working properly....  just saying...

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Not with Telstra, just another customer like you!
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Re: Change of Plan Internet NBN

Hi @MyConnect 


I'd periodically pull the power plug on the modem for a week or two then ring support and tell them that the old modem is rebooting from time to time. And then ask what can be done about it? I suspect a new modem will be on its way to you, subject to paying it off if you leave before 24 months is up.


Alternatively, you can find them for sale on eBay and places like Cash Converters online.

Footnote: I dont work for Telstra, I just try to help out fellow Telstra customers.
Support Team
Support Team

Re: Change of Plan Internet NBN

As with most technology, there's usually a cost to get the newer model. It's not uncommon to have special offers specifically geared towards new customers however we do regularly review our prices, plans & inclusions. To be considered a 'new' customer, I believe you have to have not had a service with us in 3 months. That said, we'd prefer if you chose to stay with us. Best advice would be to chat with our staff & see what we can do. You can do that here 😊


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