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Charged $240 for Professional Installation

I switched over to nbn. When I placed my order, they did not ask if I want a professional to install it, but someone came to my home anyway. I wanted to make sure that I did not make a mistake when placing this order. So, I went to “place” an order for nbn, but during the whole process, it did not ask if I wanted professional installation. Telstra Support was adamant that I did ask for it. It did not even say in my order summary they first sent me, but in the second email they said someone was going to come. I did not think much of it since when I first connected with Telstra I was not charged. Not anywhere in the emails it did say it was going to cost $240. So now I’m charged $240 for something I did not ask for and I saw on older forums this has happened to other Telstra customers too. 

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Re: Charged $240 for Professional Installation

Hey Caz93,


this is definitely not a good situation. Without seeing any notes I can't really comment on why the technician was booked however $240 is the fixed rate for having a technician visit a property to install a new nbn service. What you can do though is lodge a complaint to have this fully investigated further just keep in mind that the process for complaints is running a bit behind.



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Re: Charged $240 for Professional Installation

Caz93 , Same thing happenned to me , First I knew there was a charge was whe I received my bill with a $240 Charge. AT NO TIME WAS I INFORMED THAT THERE WOULD BE A CHARGE. After spending the whole afternoon on the phone to try and fix this i was basically told "too bad I must have been told"

There was no indication in any of the many emails i received from telstra leading up to the installation that there would be such an exorbitant charge for something a toddler could have done , plug in two wires and be gone in under 4 minutes

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