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Checking for an nbn connection

I recently received an email from telstra re joining the nbn. I couldn't find my address though of the choices that were accessible, all my neighbours were listed. A while back (last year sometime)  I came home on a friday to discover we had no internet at all. It was fairly stormy and that does affect our internet connectivity but by the following monday the issue was still ongoing. A very helpful telstra technician came out to have a look and discovered that my line had been changed to a nbn connection which went nowhere, apparently on that previous friday. He reconnected me as per how the setup had been prior to this happening and I haven't had any issues since. This could be the reason I cannot find my address but I'm at a loss at how to proceed from here. I'm happy with telstra service i've had to date but am unsure what to do about connectiing to nbn now, through telstra or anyone else. Please help.

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Re: Checking for an nbn connection

Sometimes there is a disconnect in the NBN database around what a property is known as.


Go to and enter your address there. If it doesn't come up with your exact address, choose the closest that comes up on the list and then move the pin on the map (you may need to zoom in) on to your property to see what it comes up with.


That will give you a starting point to be able to go back to Telstra and work out what they need to do to get you migrated.

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