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I have already lodged a complaint number. Nothing has been done in the last 9 days about my problem. I had to change my case manager because he was not help at all, rather the opposite. I was told I now have another case manager. I received today an email saying: "Thanks for your time today". What??? I didn´t speak to anybody today. I can´t even see who is my new case manager who by the way was supposed to contact me in 48 hours. He didn´t. This a joke. Meanwhile, I am paying $99 a month for download speeds of 12 Mbps, while I used to get for over a year and I should be getting, download speeds of 47Mbps. I guess nobody will do anything about it. And what happened to the technician from NBN Co who came to my house, said that he needed to come again to fix the problem because he didn´t have access to the house where the faulty pole was (4 houses up from where I live) and after that he writes in his notes for you (Telstra) that everything was fine with my connection and the top speed I would get at my place was no more than 21 Mbps when it was for the last 19 months over 47 Mbps? Are you kidding me? He then asked me to get another appointment for NBN Co in 2 days time after he came. I really thought Telstra was a serious company. Not anymore. Please, listen to the recorded conversation I had with my former Case Manager. His attitude in that call left a lot to be desired. And so the way your are handling my case. All I ask is for Telstra to show more concern and interest about my problem. And to fix it. 
By the way, I have already sent a complaint to the TIO.

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Support Team
Support Team

Re: Complaint

Sorry that's become necessary. The TIO will liaise with our TIO complaints team, and they'll get in touch with you to discern a resolution. Please let us know how you get on. - Matthew.

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Re: Complaint

Hi Popegar. I am in a similar situation re NBN not fixing a fault. How is the problem going?

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