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Completed NBN Order. Telstra Calls

I have a HFC nbn connection with Telstra. I have replaced the Telstra modem with my own and it does not have a phone connection. So I am not using the landline connection at the moment but if the new modem does not work out I may go back to the Telstra modem and so reserve the right to reconnect the landline. They rang initially after the connection to get me to connect the Telstra modem to complete the nbn order and I have been advised this has occurred so I changed to my preferred modem at that time. Now I am getting these annoying calls from Telstra saying the order is not complete and will I be using the landline.

What is going on?

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Re: Completed NBN Order. Telstra Calls

Probably some automated thing looking to confirm the line is active before flagging the job as complete.


Maybe leave the Telstra modem connected and connect your modem downstream of it for a few days before taking it out again.

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