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Connected but no internet

Hi There,

I have NBN and have been having a problem with wi-fi late at night (actual, I've had lots of issues with NBN, but that's another matter). 

During the day I am able to connect to my wi-fi as normal however late at night (usually anytime between 11:00pm and 1:00am) I remain connected to wi-fi but have no internet connection. Instead of the usual icon I have the little globe icon indicating no internet access.


I'm not entirely sure whether this is related to the time of the evening, but I have only experienced the problem late at night. I have the problem on all devices and have restarted my modem. 


I am reluctant to reach out to tech support at this stage and was wondering if anyone had any ideas on this forums.


Many thanks.


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Re: Connected but no internet

What sort of internet service do you have?

What NBN and /or Telstra devices do you have in the house - make and models will help - there are generally labels on the bottom of the devices? Need that information so that people here can comment  or advise on troubleshooting you can do for your problem.

Also what indicators are showing on the devices front/back/top?

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Re: Connected but no internet

To find out were the problem is occurring suggest you open a command prompt on a PC connected to modem during the loss of internet and do a tracert to If successful do tracert to If either are unsuccessful post the results.


There is information on the tracert utility at link below.

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