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Connecting IQ2 To NBN Modem over distance.

Hello, I am about to be connected to NBN FTTN. I have Foxtel with an IQ2 box at one end of the house and the modem will be at the other end of the house. I have no intention of running a long ethernet cable or transmitting data over my 240v power lines as that will interfere with amateur radio equipment I use. I was thinking that if I plugged the IQ2 into another wifi modem  that it could then talk to the NBN modem at the other end of the house, is this feasible or possible? The easy way would be to downgrade to an IQ3 box, but from all I read about them, I have enough troubles already without getting more.

I would appreciate some thoughts from a Techo.

Thanks Colin

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Connecting IQ2 To NBN Modem over distance.



Your best option (by a long margin) would be to run Cat6 cable (Cat6 has very good shielding), and shouldn't interfere with your radio equipment. Don't use Cat5 or 5e cable as he shielding is nowhere near as good.


The other non-powerline option would be to use a wifi extender. You need to place it in a good reception area to get it to work properly. This will extend your network (at half speed), and may or may not be good enough.


The IQ3 is actually the upgrade from the IQ2, not the downgrade.


I'll send you a PM with a bit more information.


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