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connecting to specific CAN/Cabinet/CMUX within my distribution area

Hey everyone,

through research on the telstra wholesale adsl reports website (http://www.telstrawholesale.com.au/products/broadband/adsl/adsl-reports-plans/index.htm) I have found out the following information.


My Exchange: Unanderra, UNAN
My Distribution area: DA54


I am currently connected with ADSL2 (with Telstra/bigpond) directly to the UNAN exchange. Due to my distance from exchange I am only getting ~4Mbps with this connection.


There is a CMUX/CAN/Cabinet (QUNANE4S3) that serves my DA which is only 1km by road away. I'm assuming the cabling more or less follows the road.

The CMUX is only ADSL1 compatible with 45 free ports as of feb-15. According to http://www.warcom.com.au/blog/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/internode-adsl2-distance1.jpg

I can potentially be looking at connecting at 8Mbps (rather than my current 4Mbps) if I connect with ADSL1 to this CMUX.

My only concern is who to speak to at Telstra to have my connection changed from the exchange to this specific CMUX.


Thanks Mitch

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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: connecting to specific CAN/Cabinet/CMUX within my distribution area

Hi Mitch,



From the information available on that site, please be aware that there may not be a physical cable path between your home and the CMUX and that while the path by road my only be 1km, the actual cable length may be much more than that. 


Customers cannot opt to change their cable path. Those who cannot get an ADSL service with acceptable speed and stability on their current path will have alternatives investigated as part of the standard troubleshooting process. As you already have a connection achieving 4mbps this is not an option for you and there is no way to guarantee that this would provide you with improved performance.


I can only suggest that you try the following troubleshooting steps which may help to improve the quality of your service. This knowledge base includes links for ADSL isolation tests and how applying a Line Profile can help improve your service.




- Shelly

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