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Connection delays for new adsl broadband service

Hi,  I am writing to voice my concern at the lack of customer service skills that I have experienced since joining Telstra over a month ago.  Firstly we are in a new house so I expected there to be some delays to start but this has gotten beyond a joke.  We signed up to a bundle package to get the home phone connected and the broadband in one contract. After signing up at the Telstra shop we received a phone call a couple of days later to organise the connection date and were told that the broadband modem would be sent out to us as soon as possible.  Seemed like a good start!  Then the technician failed to show up for the first appointment (My fiance' had taken time off work to be there) and we had to book another time to get the phone connected.  This took another week to get the tech out and then we were told that they were still putting the codes on the line for the adsl but that the modem should arrive any day now.  Another week passed and I rang Telstra to be told that the modem had not been dispatched yet so this was organised to be sent out.  During this conversation I was told that the service had now become active and that as soon as the modem arrived it would be good to go.  I was also told that in the meantime I could try using an adsl modem that I already had and was given the login details and a new password for the account.  The service did not work and after checking further I found out that the adsl 2+ modem I had was not on the list of approved Telstra modems so I put it down to this.  But when the modem did arrive I eagerly plugged it in and went through the installation process and found that I experienced the same faults.  An hour on the phone later I was firstly told that my order was at provisional and that they would need to investigate further which could take 24 to 48 hours.  I was not impressed with this as I had an active phone line now and there was an adsl signal at the modem but it could not connect.  I was then put through to a supervisor and told that it would not be 24 to 48 hrs to get an answer on why my account was still at provisional, it would be more like 6 to 7 days and I would receive a text message??  So I am now potentially looking at 6 weeks plus to get an adsl connection if it all goes to plan from here....  Not a happy camper Smiley Mad

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Re: Connection delays for new adsl broadband service

Hi, i have experienced the same type of problem as you and I am still awaiting a call from telstra to say that my ADSL connection gets connected. Mine was supposed to be active on 26th March but then i couldn't get a coonection so I went to seek customer sevice which wasn't very much help. I kept getting all these mixed messages saying that my connection was already active, there was a problem with my cables ect but then i got to technical support and they said that i had to wait 24-48hours but no internet still. They said because of Some outage or something and they would give me a call in 8 days. It should be garunteed to have it connect it by then so tell me everyone else goes! Im still waiting.............

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Re: Connection delays for new adsl broadband service

Hello there, I am currently experiencing the exact same problem...


Got the modem, eagerly connected all cables/wires only to find out that "the modem was unable to connect to bigpond",

called tech support only to find out I'm on "provisional" status (when I was told during the initial setup call that I was activated)... ;( and that it would take 24/48 hours to investigate and rectify... STILL waiting...


What is going on Telstra...

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