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Connection issues, drops outs, and general instability of service

Hello everyone,


I have exhausted all resources and am hoping someone from Telstra could assist here. Since Sunday the 2nd of August when Telstra services experienced interruptions my internet service has been very unstable. Typical speeds prior to the 2ndnof August was 9-10ms,100-110 mb down, and 4.8-5.4 up. 


After the service interruptions I have been experiencing my service drop in and out and fluctuate immensely. Average connection tests now range from 14-28ms, 28-80 mb down and 2-3 up. This has effected my work in numerous such as files during down/up loads being interrupted as well as general stability when gaming as the instability is causing heaps rubber banding.


I've tried the smart support found online and when troubleshooting it proceeds to 10% and tells me a technical support team member will need to assist and to call the support line. When calling the support line an choosing correct options I am then told due to covid ect ect ect we cannot assist you please go to this url and use the smart troubleshooting.....and so the circle repeats.



I've tried flushing DNS, rebooting smart modem, restoring to factory settings, setting DNS records to google and various other options to no avail. I'm experiencing this issue on both wired and wireless as well.


I'm guess im asking who i need to contact to get assistance... Should I just call support about billing issues and then ask to be transfered ( we know Telstra will help with anything related to their money). My contract is ending soon and I'd like to stay with Telstra as the the internet has been very good up untilnuntil  It's just to the point where it's interfering with my work and that is not acceptable.


Apologies if I have over stepped any lines here. Any assistance would be amazing from Telstra.

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Connection issues, drops outs, and general instability of service

Send a message using the My Telstra app (blue icon, bottom right of Get Help screen) and if Codi tries to redirect you, type "Speak to a consultant" and you should get transferred to the queue to chat to a human.

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