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Connection quality issues


I've been experiencing broadband speed issues and can not resolve it. The issues present as a variable download speed that spikes and drops repeatedly. I often don't notice when streaming but it manifests when having video meetings (I work from home) or playing games (packet loss). I'm hoping for recommendations and advice on what to try. Below is some history and details to my situation:

-I am on a 50 Mbps plan

-I typically average a ping of 12, and down/up speeds of 40 and 14 Mbps.

-when doing speed tests, the graph is very volatile at the start, but averages out during the test to the values listed above.

-when playing games, speed tests report good values (as above) but gameplay is terrible. It often starts ok during a session but deteriorates to an unplayable state. This might be due to entering peak periods during gameplay.

-i am playing on wifi and report great wifi signal at my PC location. I have also tested via ethernet with the same, poor, results.

-i have turned off all other devices in the house and applications on the pc and got the same results.

-i have experienced overnight dropouts (as reported by smart devices that give notifications of the devices being offline)

-i have been in touch with Telstra 4 times who have monitored my line, identified drop outs, implemented remote repairs, sent me a new smart modem and added "stability".


I am still experiencing the issues with poor stability. Does anybody have any ideas on what I can do to improve the quality of my connection? I've tried everything I am familiar with. TIA

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Telstra (Retired)

Re: Connection quality issues

Hi SkiNail, let's see what we can find.


Just confirming a couple of things, are you connected via the nbn or ADSL? Have you checked out our outages page for any updates: ?


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Re: Connection quality issues

@OllieW it's not going to be an ADSL connection with a speed of 40Mbps. ADSL 2+ has a 24Mbps maximum speed.


@SkiNail speed tests will always show volatility in the first few seconds as it needs to establish a connection to the server and commence the downloading of data (not an instantaneous event).


Download pingplotter and run a test over a period of time to your game server and post it here so that we can have a look at what your connection is doing. Otherwise it's just pure guesswork and speculation. It could be your connection, or it could be an issue at the Game Server end or anywhere in between.

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