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Constant ADSL2 drop outs

So, I have the TG797n gateway (I think it is the T Gateway) and lately, it has been dropping out a lot. Now, i have been on the phone to Telstra several times about this and was told drop outs are *normal* and there is nothing wrong with my line. I was advised to get a static IP address - which i did and am now paying for - but the drop outs actually seem worse.


I am an online gamer - I play WoW and I raid. I really can't be having these drop outs and no one at Telstra can really tell me why.


I am paying a huge price for a service I am not receiving - and sadly Telstra, you are the only provider in my area.


Is it really that hard to get a clear, concise answer from a consultant who will actually listen to what I am saying about the drop outs - instead of asking me about my day. Is it really that hard to get the service I am paying for?


Can anyone actually please explain to me why my net keeps dropping out, and why it takes such a long time for my modem to come back online.


The only red lights that happen when I lose net are the internet light and the ECO light. These turn red. I have the appropriate filer in the socket - and my net does not drop out when my phone rings. The drop outs are independant of this.


When I first got this modem in October - it was fine. But since December, this has been an ongoing issue.


I really dont know what to do. Can anyone help?

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Re: Constant ADSL2 drop outs

Can you post your modem stats, let us know what speeds you are connecting at, and what noise there is on the line?


Also, what line configuration do you have? Stable or other (this is in line configuration on you account management pages when you login on my bigpond)


It *IS* possible that your line has deteriorated, or something has happened on the copper wire between you and the exchange.


When the modem drops out, does the phone line still work, or can you hear static?


Also, have a look at the logs on the modem to see if you can see what is happening when the line drops.


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