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Constant drop outs

DNS not found 

No outages 

Totally rewired house 

No show technician 

Hours on phone to support 

Ombudsman on the job 

Support calls and tells me to go to the Telstra shop and buy post paid dongle 

Says it is nbn fault not theirs 

Gets nose out of joint when I remind her that my contract is with telstra and not nbn co


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Level 25: The Singularity
Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Constant drop outs

What type of connection are you on?

If it is FTTN, then dropouts are usually caused by a faulty termination at the node or at a cable joint. This would require an NBN Co technician to be sent out (which can take a few attempts as they tend to cancel their visit the first few times).


When it drops out, do the lights on the modem change?


Can you post your modem connection stats here so that we can see what is going on?

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Re: Constant drop outs

DNS failure.

Changed from auto and now using as primary and as alternate for IP ver. 4

Connection type is hybrid junk.

DNS change gave stability for 8 hours under stress test of 5 different busy browsers at once.

Modem is now in backup mode.


Support Team
Support Team

Re: Constant drop outs

If no disruptions are listed, my advice would be to login here & complete the troubleshooting as it may help fix any issues you're currently experiencing, but also helps speed up the fault process if you need to call our fault team on 1800 834 273. 


You'll receive a reference number that can be quoted to our tech staff if the troubleshooting link doesn't resolve. If they're unable to resolve over the phone, they may monitor the connection or arrange a tech appointment. 


If you have a current complaint, we will aim to resolve within 10 business days however it can depend on the issue. 


Do you have the reference number for this handy?


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Re: Constant drop outs

Had NBN tech here today and he replaced the box. (modem is now the only part not replaced)

All tests came up green.

Disconnected twice while he was here.

He said once might be considered normal not twice and there`s nothing he can do and I`ll have to call support to get it escalated.

Called support as it`s been dropping out more often now.

Went through the `troubleshooting process` for the umpteenth time.

Tested from her end and she said she can see the drop outs.

Told I have a level 2 complaint (she didn`t explain what that was) and that she has to talk to her supervisor (on hold for eternity). 

Came back and said they`ll call within 24 hours to discuss compensation and thanks for choosing Telstra.

The NBN guy said he ditched Telstra and went with someone else (I wonder why)

Averaging 1 day per month with uninterrupted service would do it I think.

I`ve been a customer since it was started as Telecom.



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Re: Constant drop outs

So after 5 months I finally found a support team member that actually knows what she is talking about.

Shagufa # 893085 (being promoted this week)

Last component (modem) being sent.

Escalated pit to exchange (nbn) issue

Log files (both nbn and modem) of drop outs captured and sent. 2 x nbn, 24 x modem in 24 hours.

Polite, considerate and professional.

Faith in Telstra restored for now.

Need more like her.

Appointment with Ombudsman will be rescheduled tomorrow pending result.

She`s saving your ass at this point.

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