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Constant dropouts after a storm

Everytime there is even a hint of a storm in my area the internet goes down.I have learnt to accept that fact but what is driving me insane as a uni student is that it will last for days and somestimes even weeks. No one else in my area seems to have this problem. 

I have troubleshooted with Telstras online service numerous times with no answers. In the past I have phoned technical support only to be told the issue is on my end not theirs but the technician will take weeks to come out and just before they do come out the service works wonderfully again and I am told if I still want the technician it will cost. 


I am up to day three, I tried tehncially support but I struggle with the accents and just want to yell at them when they ask "have you restarted your modem". Has anyone been able to successfully fix this situation?


I have two modems a telstra and a TP-Link which is brand new. Ive changed all the cables. Restarted, factory resested, changed the modem passwords,.

What I am getting is a green WAN light that is solid for a while but then will disappear, flash and go solid again. Red internet and eco lights, every so often they will come good for two seconds before going red.

The internet worked for a good hour this morning but the past three hours has dropped in and out constantly. I would spend the day on the phone to technical support but it always ends with "we will send a technician" and the problem always fixes itself after a week or so until the next storm.


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Re: Constant dropouts after a storm

It sounds like a termination problem. It is most likely moisture getting into the termination of the copper cables either at your premises or in the pit in the street that is causing an electrical short circuit and cutting out your connection.


It rectifies itself when the joint dries out.

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Re: Constant dropouts after a storm

Thank you! That makes more sense then anything else Telstra have recommened now and in the past. It does appear to happen after rain and the fact that it rectifies itself after some time makes your answer sound like the most probable cause. 

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