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Constant dropouts - modem restarting

We have had constant drop outs for weeks now. We have changed modems, now have a Telstra Smart Modem Gen 2, we are on FTTN. Old modem and new modem same issue. Line drops out modem restarts itself, it sometimes can take a manual restart to get it going again. We have changed phone cable, Ethernet cables, hard reset of the modem. We’ve isolated every device we have to see if it’s a device. We’ve changed powerpoints. There is no inline filter. No other neighbours are having the issue. We have a Bosch alarm system, which we only ever use when we go away. CCTV also. We also have four pass through powerlines 2000Gbps running Ethernet connectivity. None of these are new, no other new equipment. I’m at a loss. Any guidance or advice would be so gratefully received.

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Constant dropouts - modem restarting

Power line network adapters can cause interference with DSL connections that can cause the connection to drop out. Some power line network adapters have setting that reduces the interference. In the the TP link adapters this setting is called "Lower PLC-to-VDSL Interference Mode". If your power line adapters have a similar setting suggest you try setting the adapters in this mode.


Another thing that can cause interference on a DSL link is extra phone sockets in parallel to to the phone socket used. If you have more than one phone socket the socket furthest from the incoming line should be used.


A alarm system connected a phone line even if not in use will degrade the FTTN signal.

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