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Constant dropouts nbn no resolution

We are having constant dropouts and cannot get a resolution from Telstra. Phone tech is useless. There is a black connection box on the pole in the street that is hanging off the pole but they won't send a tech to look at it. I suspect a loose connection in there. Any advice re similar problems

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Re: Constant dropouts nbn no resolution

It can be difficult to get Telstra to organise an NBN Tech to come out and investigate, mainly because NBN Co requires a specific set of troubleshooting to be done and if they can't see a problem at that time, they are reluctant to request the technician's visit. Plus then NBN Co does a remote test, and if they don't see a problem at that moment, they cancel the request anyway. It can take a number of request cycles to get a request through.


You can demand that an NBN Co technician's visit be arranged, but if it is found to be your equipment that is the problem (or no problem found), then you will be charged a fee. You need to be able to produce evidence of the dropouts (modem logs are good for this) so that you can show the technician that there is a problem.

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Level 25: The Singularity
Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Constant dropouts nbn no resolution

When the connection drops out do the lights on the Telstra modem change? Do the lights on the NBN connection box change during a drop out?

Support Team
Support Team

Re: Constant dropouts nbn no resolution

Hey @coxyboy, if you're having issues like this in the future, please contact our technical team online here.

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