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Constant Internet drop-outs every night at 11:30pm

Hello there
I am a 6 years bigpond customer and am currently running an Adsl 2+ Broadband with line rental (line rental never in use), up untilthe past 6 or so months i have had normal service, (by telstra's standards which is crap still), but since then my internet slows down dramatically from the late afternoon gradually slowing from a steady average of 13Mbps to a slow 3Mbps at night. However, the most annoying thing is that at exactly 11:30pm EVERY NIGHT the internet totally drops out for about half an hour, (i am always gaming at night that is why i know and monitor so closely) to a point where even open the telstra gateway login page take literally up to 30 seconds and eventually times out. I have called Telstra soooo many times and went through the same <*> that i no longer have the hope that calling them would resolve any issues, so i have turned to the internet for help. I couldn't find any Discussions specifically related to a similar issue to mine so i am now writing a discussion myself. PLEASE PLEASE HELP GUYS!!!

I am located in the Narre Warren South area of Victoria.


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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Constant Internet drop-outs every night at 11:30pm



From what you outlined it sounds like congestion.  Have the Technical Support team checked for that?

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Re: Constant Internet drop-outs every night at 11:30pm

They keep saying that they can't find the issue and keep recommending me to buy a new modem or try restarting the modem every time i get a drop out. Now the dropouts occure more frequently and during the day as well. Im definitely going to change my ISP once any other provider is available in our area.

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