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Constant NBN Dropouts

Since connecting to the NBN, every day, every couple of hours the connectivity drops out. I probably receive a text 3 times a day telling me my modem has switched to mobile broadband (which doesn’t even work) although it definitely does it more then that, in fact it has dropped out twice while writing this post already. 


The internet stops, all lights go out except the WAN/DSL which flashes until it has rebooted.


I have tried everything with my limited knowledge reset, unplug, remove all plugs and reconnect but still nothing. This is my 2nd modem which Telstra claimed would fix the issue, otherwise (according to them) my house wiring is the issue. It’s becoming very frustrating.


Hoping someone can help and hopefully in laments terms.



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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Constant NBN Dropouts

Could you post your link diagnostics. The link diagnostics are located at > Advanced > Diagnostics > xDSL. An example is shown below. From your description  your house wiring or more likely a faulty termination in the street cabling. The link diagnostics will confirm weather it is a house wiring or cabling fault. If you have more than one phone socket check that nothing is plugged into the other phone sockets.



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