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Constant slow speeds with ADSL2+

I have been connected to the BigPond Elite 200g ADSL2+ for approx 12 months now.  And have been extremely disatisfied with the service of the product for almost the entire time.  I have dealt with telstra on about 5 occasions to try and attain a resolution to this problem, but they have not come to the table with anything.


This is my connection speed

Broadband Speed Test Results

Test run on 30/06/2013 @ 06:14 PM

Mirror: Telstra Bigpond
Data: 751 KB
Test Time: 10.41 secs

Your line speed is 591 kbps (0.59 Mbps).
Your download speed is 74 KB/s (0.07 MB/s)


This is not acceptable for paying $125 a month etc for this bundle.


I have Foxtel on T-BOX and this whole weekend I have not been able to enjoy watching one AFL Match on fox footy because it cuts in and out becaiuse of my slow speeds. 


I would like Telstra to either:

- Attend my exchange to ensure I am plugged into the correct ADSL2+ port.

- Or upgrade the exchange to ensure they have a port they can connect me to so I can receive the service I have paid for.. for the last 12 months.


This is a joke.  Come on Telstra.

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