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Constant slow speeds with ADSL2+

I am new to Telstra and i find my ADSL2+ internet connection is very slow and not stable. I was using Optus and had no issues.


I am getting only 2MB download (MAX) and drops down to 12kbps at times.  Is this normal with Telstra? or is it only for me. I tried isolation test - no issues. i tried different modems (telatra modem and netgear D6300) - No difference.


I am on 500GB XL bundle and I have not even used 2% of internet..and there is no any outstanding bills to be paid hence there is no reason to slowdown due to over usage or unpaid bills.


I have lodged a complaint with Telstra and i havent got any response for past 2 days.


Anybody got similar issues? if yes any possible fix?




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Re: Constant slow speeds with ADSL2+


Are you able to supply your modems line stats?


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Re: Constant slow speeds with ADSL2+

Thanks for your help


I suppose you are asking for this stats, if not please let me know

2014-10-16 19_18_16-NETGEAR Router D6300.jpg


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