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Constant Wi-Fi dropouts - is it interference ?

Running Telstra Netgear Gen2 modem - brand new just replaced by Telstra after complaining that our wifi keeps dropping off.  Replacement of modem didn’t help.  For last 3 to 4 weeks we have constant wifi drop outs requiring restart of modem, we have restarted and fully reset the modem, done the troubleshooting, spoken with the technicians (not a useful chat really), and nothing changes.  I suspect we might have some type of interference problem but don’t know to diagnose that - any ideas please ?

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Re: Constant Wi-Fi dropouts - is it interference ?

Suggest you set the modem on a different Wi-Fi channel and evaluate that. You may need to try a few.

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Re: Constant Wi-Fi dropouts - is it interference ?

Is it only a couple of devices that loose the wifi connection or all connected devices loose the wifi connection? If it’s all devices it might be a problem with your link. If it’s only a couple of devices it might be that they are not compatible with modem. I have found that the Arcadyan version of the Gen 2 modem is incompatible with at least one of my devices which keeps loosing its wifi connection requiring wifi on the device to be turned off and then back on to restore connection. The Arcadyan version is the one without vent holes on the side. See image below. If you have the Arcadyan check the version of firmware. Firmware version earlier than .6.xx used to cause dropouts on wifi connected devices. The firmware version is displayed on the left of the log in page.


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Re: Constant Wi-Fi dropouts - is it interference ?

Exactly same things happen to me. I just call the Telstra, they ask me to update IOS to 13.2 to make my iphone to compatible with the modem. Not sure whether it works.

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