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Cost of replacement cable modem

Hi I am trying to find out how much it is likely to cost to replace my 5 - 8 year old cable modem. 


We have been with telstra for that time, it is the modem they sent in the first place.  However it has started malfunctioning.  So I need to find out how much it will cost to replace. 


Have tried asking on 24x7 and it just stays stuck at connecting forever.  Have tried asking on twitter and no responses.  There seems to be no email adress I can find to ask the question on the telstra website, it only seems to have 24x7 as a way to contact them online.  So I am asking here. 


If anyone could help, would be great.  Maybe let me know how much it cost you, or a link to a page with the answer.



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Re: Cost of replacement cable modem

Hi hoboscreenname,

A replacement Cable modem would be $216 on a 24 month contract or $336 on a casual plan.

Feel free to give us a call on 1800 220 033 if you would like to order Smiley Happy

Also, what's your twitter handle? Sorry to hear you weren't advised there 


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Re: Cost of replacement cable modem

Thankyou for the response.  Is good to see telstra is better at customer suport than it used to be.


I may have not done the twitter post correctly, as it still has not been answered.  Never used twitter before and likely never will again, it is not usual for me to have a use for it.

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