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CVC Congestion or Telstra network? 4WRN-07

Service Area Module 4WRN-07 (Warner 07)
Service Area 4WRN (Warner )
Connectivity Service Area CSA400000000440
(Kallangur and Petrie CSA)
Point of Interconnect 4KLG (Petrie)

FTTP 100/40


So I called tech support who were not much help, I explained this happens during around 5pmish to 11pmish.
The person on the phone said it sounded like a router issue which I know for a fact wasnt and that sending me a new router wont resolve it, anyway they sent me out a newer model router. Same issue persists.


Download speeds from from 95mbs down to as low as 9mbs, though upload still usealy stays around 20-35mbs.

This also occurs connecting directly to the NTD, so router is ruled out.


When running speed tests (, download speeds are slightly faster on telstra nodes during this time.

I  tested other servers to see if it was maybe just telstra servers over loaded, I notice when switching to routes like optus, internode, vodafone or other providers, latency will greatly increase, even if its a close server(less then 20km). EG going from 2ms non peak time, to 60ms+


Tested this on my inlaws Optus connection who live 15mins up the road, also on FTTP and on same POI as me. They do not have this issue.


Though I did notice one issue on their connection, when doing speedtest on their connection to telstra servers, the speed was slow and the latency was high. Though there connection to all the other hosts were fine.

This has be belive there is some sort of congestion between telstra and other hosts and providers?


Once past 11pm all speeds return to full and latecncy goes back down to 2ms






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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: CVC Congestion or Telstra network? 4WRN-07

The slow speeds will be CVC issues. The results you see when using other RSP's servers is that they aren't really that close to you. Your traffic has to reach a Telstra interconnect point with the rest of the internet, transfer across to the RSP that you are trying to reach and then to their server. Which can mean a much further distance and many more network segments that the data has to travel through.

Never be afraid to back yourself when trying new things, just always make sure you have 3 escape routes if things go wrong.
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Re: CVC Congestion or Telstra network? 4WRN-07




Nice and laggy playing games tonight Smiley Sad

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Re: CVC Congestion or Telstra network? 4WRN-07


And this is at 11pm+, this test was also taken while the mrs is streaming netflix.

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