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Data loss between nbn and Telstra modem


Over the last week I have spent 5 hours with remote tech support, had a Telstra field technician come out to troubleshoot (for 5 minutes not sure what he did) and had 2 brand new Telstra smart modems (Gen 2 Arcadyn) but still no internet.


I have HFC.  Network connectivity to the nbn NTD is fine.  Have confirmed data flow by directly plugging an Apple TV directly to the NTD via ethernet

My Telstra Smart Modem appears to connect correctly to the nbn NTD (I get the 4 green lights at the back and the green light at the front plus the wifi button turns green).  Devices (we are a full Apple family ) can connect to the network via wifi but when we try to access internet there is no connectivity (eg safari error message is "cannot establish a secure connection to server; MS Teams & Outlook error message is Teams is Offline".  Have tried this on multiple devices (MacBooks, iPads, Apple TV, iPhones etc..) and same error messages.  Also tried to directly connect Apple TV via ethernet port but no data flow.


Over the 5 hours of remote troublesghooting we have tried to change the obvious modem settings (eg band steering, channels, factory resets etc) but no luck.   


My other devices connect with no issues to other (non Telstra networks).   


Telstra Tech support recommended a new modem last week- same issue.  Just got a second new modem and still nothing.... Can anyone help?  Thanks

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Data loss between nbn and Telstra modem

To help diagnose what is causing the problem could you do a traceroute to google.com and and then post the results. This link shows how to do a traceroute on a MAC. The modem also has a tool for doing a traceroute. To use the traceroute in the modem log into modem (, password is Telstra) and go to Advanced > Diagnostics > Ping/Traceroute. 

Support Team
Support Team

Re: Data loss between nbn and Telstra modem

Hey 98West, just wanted to check in today and see how you went with those steps cf4 shared across?

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