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data on my nbn

I would like to change the password on my modem as i think someone is using my data if this cannot happen i will look for another supplier as i have had so much trouble with this since March with no help from Telstra they keep telling me that i have used all my data in 3 days which is impossable as I only do email and look into facebook a total of maybe 2hours a day at the most 

regards Elaine Handley

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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: data on my nbn

The modem's WiFi password can be changed by opening a Web browser on a device connected to modem and going to, password is Telstra. If you have a modem earlier than the smart modem address is and password is admin. Go to WiFi. change the Network key and save settings. Do this for each WiFi band.


How much data was used in the three days?

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