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Data usage home broadband

Spike in data usage (unexplained) 13 April, 2021. Speed slowed for rest of billing period. Regional (Western) Victoria. Simultaneously lost dial-tone on home phone.
Many similar instances over several years on CrowdSupport. This has happened before at this address.
No explanation found. Top-up required. Maybe ASIO or CIA !

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Re: Data usage home broadband

What was the magnitude of the “spike”?.

Report it and the loss of dial tone to Telstra Support.

In the meantime, do you know how to request a data top up?.

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Re: Data usage home broadband

Lots of similar reports of unexplained data spikes followed by customers (allegedly) exceeding monthly limits and being unable to top-up. See or simply search "usage" on this forum and sort by date.


Telstra is at fault here - let's see how long it takes to fix it. At least a week, apparently...

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