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Data used up, top up not working

I recently switched from TPG to Telstra broadband (ADSL) - NBN hasn't fully rolled out here yet. I chose the same amount of data that I had before because it had always been enough and I’d never run out or gone over my limit. Now I’ve run out of data with Telstra and my speed has slowed down to a snail’s pace (shaping).

I logged in to my old TPG account to see my usage and it’s consistently low with occasional higher usage days. At Telstra it’s consistently higher and I have some days with really high usage. One of those days I was only home for a few hours so it’s not like I had a Netflix binge or something that could have caused it.

My usage hasn’t really changed so I can’t understand how I’m suddenly eating through so much more data. When I call Telstra I get sent an SMS link to top up my data but 24 hours after doing that, nothing has changed. I tried again 12 hours ago and nothing. I tried just now and still nothing. It doesn’t get topped up and my speed is still slow.

I switched over to Telstra because I thought the speed would be better and I’d get someone local to speak to if I had any customer service issues but the speed is slower and I can’t speak to anyone! I want to see if I can find out why my usage is so much higher. At TPG I’d get transferred to a call centre in the Philippines but at least I could talk to someone!!

Any ideas about what I can do?

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Re: Data used up, top up not working

TPG doesn’t meter upload data. Have you checked on line to see if the data used is upload data.

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Re: Data used up, top up not working

The data I’ve used with Telstra is both upload & download (TPG is only download) but my download usage is much higher. Annoyingly I can’t top up to solve the problem.
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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Data used up, top up not working

As far as the top up situation goes, you can call 132200 and speak to a consultant or chat online at

As far as the data usage goes, you may have to look in the traffic logs on your devices to see what is using the data.
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Support Team
Support Team

Re: Data used up, top up not working

Hi @SBB1


Apologies for any concern or confusion experienced.


Unexpected or high data usage can be concerning however there is an opportunity for usage to increase without you changing your behaviour at all. 

This is because many new device features can use data in the background, usually to provide you with a better browsing/playing/user experience.

We have had reports from many other customers over the past couple of years & have conducted full reviews of our usage recording systems/processes from end to end.

No systemic issue was found with the way that we record/monitor customers usage.

This is not to say that there are never issues with usage recording, no system is perfect, but these are very uncommon and in almost all cases the issue is actually an unknown or unused feature on the device itself.

I'd personally recommend keeping an eye on your usage via My Account & our 24x7 app as it is updated within 48 hours however data is usually current as of about 15mins ago. 


You can information about data top ups here 


If your plan includes an unlimited data allowance, data top-ups do not apply.


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