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Day of switch from cable to NBN - atrocious speed

Hi all,


I just had my connection switched today from cable to NBN, and according to my package, I should be getting 100Mbps. But my average speed has been 1-2Mbps. This is absolutely frustrating, like I'm paying the same money for a substantially inferior product.


I spoke to a Telstra chat representative - who said my account may not have "updated" to the new NBN status yet, so I haven't been allocated the speed I'm paying for. Although she couldn't be sure. If my speed doesn't rectify overnight, she said the technicians will have to be sent out.


Has this happened to anyone else on switching day?



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Re: Day of switch from cable to NBN - atrocious speed

Yes. Thr full switcher over can take several days unless you are a medical priority customer.

Are you on HFC?

You can be connected by the techie but work has then to be done at the exchange for the full cutover... but budget for 2 weeks of potential issues....




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Re: Day of switch from cable to NBN - atrocious speed

Yes, we're on HFC. Well that's good to know, thanks for the reply.

Wish the guy told us this when he changed it over!

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Re: Day of switch from cable to NBN - atrocious speed

Also have HFC and was connected to the NBN yesterday, was told by the NBN installer that it can take anywhere between 10m to 24hr for the switch, in our case it was around the half hour mark, also have the speed boost and after the transfer we were getting 93mbps on the speed boost. Not as good as the cable that we had which as over 100 but not too shabby


I found any hassle ring 132200, they were great at resolving a lot of the issues that we had with the order and dates

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