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Destiny lagging issues

I almost constantly have a red bar when playing in the cruicible (location is Canberra) when playing with local and international players. I also get a fair share of contacting destiny servers messages. I have done every single thing to try to work out the problems including running it on mobile broadband and this caused a signficant improvement but when using 1.5 GB for every two hours playing, that is not an economic option. I have a suspicion that there is some transient fault in the network that is closer to me than to the other end of the network. Players in other capital cities don't have this issue as bad as I do. I tried pinging www.bungie.net for a test.


proto := ip
addr =
[count] = 500
[size] = 100
[interval(ms)] = 100
[DF-bit] = disabled
[srcaddr] =
: ping proto=ip addr= count=500
Legend : Ping successful(!)
Ping Timeout(.)
Hit ctrl-g to abort...
--- ping statistics ---
500 packet(s) transmitted, 466 successful, 7% loss
rtt min/avg/max = 23 / 26 / 1223 ms


So should there be so many ping timeouts in a good network? 

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