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Dilemma of "possibly no ADSL to home"

I have this dilemma.

We are currently with iiNet and have just moved house. Prior to moving house, I checked with iiNet availability of broadband to the house. The position of the house indicated that ADSL2 was not available but ADSL1 with 'turbo package' was available. Advice at the time was that home phone takes 2-3 days to set-up and then broadband will be 3-5 days after that.

Ok, willing to accept that.

Phone was set-up ok but then I received a message saying "no ports available" and it will possibly be 3-4 weeks assuming one becomes available.

Not happy.

I called and was told they have no idea when a port would become free and the 3-4 weeks is an estimate but they really cannot say when I will get broadband.

Not happy at all.

I called Telstra yesterday. Very helpful guy who said he can see the exchange we are on but would possibly be in the same situation as iiNet, but could not say for sure until an order is placed and then they can verify the situation more accurately.

Ok, here is my dilemma. I have a provider who is not providing (iiNet) and cannot provide me with any surety as to when I will get connected to broadband.

I am happy switching to Telstra but need some level of confidence that connection is possible and a fairly well defined timeline.

Do I place an order with Telstra on the basis that if they come back and say exactly the same thing as iiNet, I then cancel Telstra? If Telstra say no issue and define a time, I would then cancel iiNet and shift over completely to Telstra.

I feel I am between a rock and a hard place.

It seems that whatever I do, I have to agree to a contract that may or may not be honoured, and I am left waiting, in the dark.

Three teenage daughters have now gone from loving the house to hating the house because there is no Internet. Aside from that, I cannot work from home. I need Internet  for work.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: Dilemma of "possibly no ADSL to home"

My mother is in a similar situation. She happily agreed to change her provider back to Telstra and commenced a bundle package with the the 3-4 week timeframe for internet connection. 3 months later, she finally receives her modem and a letter saying that she is now connected only to call and find out it was an error and they are still waiting for a port to become available!!! Absolutely disgusting service and incredibly hard to get any support from the 'call centre.' She too needs to access the internet at home for work and has basically been told that there's nothing they can do about it until a port becomes available, despite friends moving to a house around the corner from her and being connected in 3 days!!!!! I'd been keen to know more information too! I have all of my services with Telstra and I'm seriously considering dropping them over this mess around. Good luck with your dilemma.
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Re: Dilemma of "possibly no ADSL to home"

I have just done something I should have done before posting my question below, and that is search other posts on a similar question. My apologies to all regular users/support folk for this.


Looking around other posts, it appears my issue is quite common, i.e. no ports available and no assurance on when they will become available.


I am about to call Telstra to 'order' a broadband connection to see if they have any better chance of achieving this than iiNet. I'm not sure how ethical this is to order two and then cancel the one that does not happen in time. I'm wondering who has priority, Telstra or iiNet?

Our exchange is Emerald (VIC) and looking at the number of ports available at 8mbs, it seems there are a few but I also read on other posts that this could be due to the fact that they are limited to maintain some level of line quality for others who are connected.


I'd still appreciate any feedback and thanks in advance.


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Re: Dilemma of "possibly no ADSL to home"

Ok, an update.

Yesterday I spoke with a very helpful lady on Telstra sales/support (Carol). She has checked out from a Telstra perspective and advised that further checks need to be done on the line as it appears that more than just "no ports" could be an issue here. The basic checks she did indicated were that an "incompatible product on the line", meaning, it could be 'pair gain' (as I understand, the wires are split) and this could result in no ADSL, even if a port was free.

To really check this out, I needed to commit to a ordering ADSL with Telstra and they will activate a tech to check it out. Ok, I am resigned to the fact that this is now the case so gave her the go ahead.

I now need to wait for a few days.

However, Carol was not hopeful and basically said 'prepare for the worst', i.e. I might not be able to get ADSL at all down that line.

I asked what are my alternatives and she said there were none. Maybe try a satellite provider for broadband. Blimey, this just gets worse.

My question to anyone out there:

If the response is that the current line I have is incompatible, couldn't I just pay to get a new line installed? I mean, what if I simply wanted a new line installed for a separate ADSL connection, isn't this possible? My company have said they will fund this, they need me connected to the outside world.

I have a mobile broadband device with Telstra but this is so frustratingly slow that I am better off without it. It only connects on 3G and the reception is not good.


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Re: Dilemma of "possibly no ADSL to home"

Final updateSpoke with four people in Telstra this morning to try and get an answer on my order for broadband.

It seems that the issue (at the moment) is not "no ports" but my line is on a "pair gain". This means they cannot do anything and have said they will need to cancel the order.

Why oh why am I in this situation I keep asking myself. Why was this not picked up 2 months ago when I asked about moving my house..

Anyway, I am a fairly pragmatic sort of person so am looking at what I can do.

I cannot use mobile broadband, this does not work well enough. Satellite was an option proposed but this is prohibitive in price and limited in gB's.


I have asked the question about putting a new line to my house. Not pair gained, a brand new cable with a singular lump of copper that is just going to my house. I know I am simplifying things somewhat but I cannot seem to get an answer from anyone if this will work.

Telstra people out there: If I order a new phone line, will this allow me to connect to ADSL? (1 or 2)?

When I call whoever in your sales/support, they are not able to say anything. I don't know why. If the answer is no, you are never going to get ADSL down a phone line, then I wish someone would simply say this.

Help me, please. It is getting so frustrating.

Support Team
Support Team

Re: Dilemma of "possibly no ADSL to home"

Hi pcaml,

Through the order process we are able to determine all the options of being able to provide you an ADSL service. If you've placed an order,  we would have investigated this & from the sounds of things it's not available at this stage. Installing another line may not help because even though some pair gain technologies can be utilised, there would need to be ports available for this to happen. Apologies for any inconvenience. 

In regards to your mobile broadband though, have you considered getting an external antenna to help boost reception? 



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