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I just need to say how absolutely disappointed i am at the service i have recieved before i even managed to load one page on the internet.

Several weeks ago i signed up for internet and Foxtel at the Penrith store. The sale was quick, but i needed to return to the store with the number i wanted to port.

When i got home the modem was not working and i spent 2 hours on the phone, where their ultimate solution was to sign me up again on a new order. I was far from happy about this but did not have a choice.

They eventually signed me up with a new phone number and i was told to wait another 2 days!

This brings me to yesterday when at 7pm i was STILL waiting for my service. I rang the call centre again this afternoon to check the status, and the person on the phone told me i had to wait 14 days, and did a technician show up yesterday?

This angered me becuase no one told me that a technician was supposed to come.

I told the woman that i wanted to be disconnected, so she put me on hold. When she came back 10 Minutes later she said she made a mistake and thought i wanted my NBN connected. Which i told her initially it was ADSL.

As you can appreciate this service is absolutely disgusting. I guarantee that Telstra will not hesitate in sending me a bill when its due, or if I'm later follow up promptly.

It is a bit rich that i cannot even get the service you have promised me, without no end of drama. What has made this matter worse is that my wife works from home and without the internet this has been impossible.

So thank you very much for a completely substandard experience that I'm sure you'll be more than happy to charge for.

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Re: Disgusted.

You're not speaking to Telstra staff here... but other  customers. You have the option of lodging a complaint.

I can understand your concern and frustration.


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