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DNS Issues

Hi All,

Just spent (wasted) 45 min on the phone with Tech Support as I'm having issues with all but a small few websites. Seems ot be a DNS issue. Speedtest times out on most servers, but when you do establish connection speeds are fine (over 100mbs down, cable with speed boost).


I have a technician scheduled but my fairly decent network knowlege tells me this is wasting all our times. The connection is reliable and fast, there are just DNS resolution issues. I was hoping to fix this by changing the DNS to google publuc DNS on the modem/router (new modem this week) but it seems new ons do not allow you to change (abcolute joke). Searching these forums also shos that packets are redirected to Telstra DNS when you manually change on the local machine as well (something to do with Telstra Air), so I'm literally stuck.


Anybody else having the same issue? The "Technical Support" agent made me do the whole reset everything, different browsers and try ethernet cable twice, even though I know fully well the issue is not with the modem, wifi or even my connection to the exchange.

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Re: DNS Issues

Known "good" URLs:





Known "bad" URLs:

servicestatus.telstra.com (funny that)






pretty much everything.com




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Re: DNS Issues

There is definately a DNS issue and has been an issue for some time now.


There are a few forum posts on the issue.


I reported this issue many months back by chat (which was extremely painful) as the person didn't even know what a DNS was.


I agree someone coming out to have a look is a waste of time.

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