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DNS server not responding

Hi All


Got an issue with my DNS, I can ping primary but not secondary for days, maybe months now.


This is from the modem diganostics,


Untitled 2.tiff,


I also pinged from command line on computer and just timed out.


Would this cause random disconnections on my ADSL service if the modem is trying to use second DNS temporarly and does not connect? 


I am using Technicolor TG799vac and can't change settings, called telstra and they said that cant help unless I do premium.




How do i get telstra to change my DNS settings or change dns in this modem TG799vac?





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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: DNS server not responding

This will not be the cause of your disconnections.


As you have an ADSL service, the following steps are what I would suggest for basic troubleshooting before contacting Tech Support to ask for further investigation.


1. Confirm if the disconnections are with the Wi-Fi network only or if the modem is losing connection to the network.


2. If the issue is with the Wi-Fi connection to the modem, use this link to help locate the cause of the interference and change the Wi-Fi channel. How To Troubleshoot WiFi


3. If the modem is losing network connection, perform an isolation test. Disconnect every device from each telephone socket in your home and connect only the modem without any filters/splitters. Remove any surge protectors on the phoneline and monitor. How long depends on how frequently you have been noticing the disconnections. If this improves the connection, slowly add one device at a time and monitor to see if this causes any disruptions. Make sure that each device connects through an ADSL2+ filter splitter. 


If you still have difficulties with disconnections, please contact Tech Support on 133 933 so that they can perform further testing and escalate if required.

- Shelly

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Re: DNS server not responding

Thanks for the reply.


ADSL seems to be working better since the NBNCo contracters have finished digging the FTTN in our location.



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