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Do I need another Telstra Modem Gen 2 ???


I had a question that I hope someone can answer please?

I signed up to transfer my existing Home NBN to Telstra NBN about 2 days ago.

Part of this package includes a Telstra Modem Gen 2. I already have that exact Modem from when I was previously signed up with Telstra NBN.

Is there anyway that I can ask Telstra NOT to send another Modem, but, instead let me use the one that I already have?

Not a huge issue except that Telstra supply the Modem Free of Charge (??) and as long as you stay connected for 2 years - you won't have to pay for it. This is basically like a contract where they try and keep you with them otherwise you have to pay out the remaining cost of the Modem.

My existing Modem, Gen 2, works fine - no issues.

Hope someone can help please?

I am also trying to find my Order Number (Been on Telstra Chat several times) with no luck!!

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Re: Do I need another Telstra Modem Gen 2 ???

If they send you the modem, just keep it as a spare - some of the Smart Modem 2's have issues with Wi-Fi and other things. Doesn't hurt to have a no cost spare for troubleshooting I reckon.

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Re: Do I need another Telstra Modem Gen 2 ???

Thanks SteveW

The only problem is that I can see myself not staying with Telstra for the 2 years and thus will then be up for the remainder of the cost of the modem.

Will wait and see if they are willing to do something different but I won't hold my breath ....


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