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Do Telstra offer FTTN 100Mbps plan?



I’m 20m from a node which has just come online. I’m currently with Telstra on ADSL and need to sign up for an NBN plan, but it seems that Telstra do not offer 100Mbps for FTTN - is this correct?


I’d like to stay with Telstra but lack of a 100Mbps plan when other providers offer such a plan is a deal breaker for me. Why can’t Telstra offer 100Mbps?


Any info will be appreciated,



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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Do Telstra offer FTTN 100Mbps plan?

They do offer the 100Mbps speed tier. When you sign up, you are placed on what used to be called the 50Mbps tier. Once the capability of the line is determined (can't be done until after connection), you can then call and get the Premium Evening Speed Boost (old 100Mbps boost) applied for $20 per month.
They won't connect you on the 100Mbps plan immediately any more on an FTTN connection due to the ACCC cracking down on services being offered that can't be delivered. A lot of properties on FTTN cannot maintain a 100Mbps connection due to their distance from the node, so everyone goes on the standard plan first now.
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