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Do Telstra really waive your technician fee???

I just called recently to set up internet at home for the first time, and chose the 50gig a month deal for $73.

The representative mentioned a fee of $192 for a technician to come out to my house and install the modem which he will bring with him. I asked the guy why it costs so much for a technician to come out and he said thats just their fee... But then he said he would waive it for me. He said it will appear in my bill but I have to call up to get them to waive it and he also said he's put it in his notes or something for my account for when I receive that bill and call up, the fee will be waived.


Is this normal? Why tell me a fee then say it will be waived? I don't understand.

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Re: Do Telstra really waive your technician fee???

Lei123, If you already has a homeline, the co generally just post the modem out to you and then you set up the connection inside your home. The co then activate your service remotely. So no tech visit and no $192 fee. However the co could bill you for the modem and the delivery.

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Telstra (Retired)

Re: Do Telstra really waive your technician fee???



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We have to disclose all fees that are applicable with the installation of a service and that is the reason that this fee was advised to you in the first place. As for the waiver of this fee, that is not normal and would have to be clearly noted in the account for us to have this waived. My colleagues in Live Chat will be able to check your account for notes on this and are available to assist in real time 24/7 via:


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