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Do you really get an ultimate service with the new ultimate cable plan?

Dear Sir/Madam,


I’m pretty annoyed with the level of service I have been given by Telstra during the month of January.


On the 5the of January I called one of your sales representatives to upgrade my Elite cable service to the Ultimate cable service. The rep was friendly, advised me that a new modem would be sent out to me in the coming days, I also upgraded from an old bundle to a new bundle (same price) to obtain the larger data allowance now on offer.


After waiting some weeks with no modem arriving I called back up to check the status to find out that my bundle had been upgraded only partially as requested and I had also been re-contracted for an additional 24 months. The re-contracting part was not explained to me on the original call, nor did I agree to be re-contracted. I was also informed that my bundle was still an Elite service (but I got the additional download limit, lucky me!) and there was no record of me requesting the Ultimate service – no modem had been ordered.


After spending some hours on the phone, and speaking with several representatives I was told a note would be placed on my profile explaining that I shouldn't’t have been re-contracted (but couldn’t be fixed properly in the system, so who knows what the outcome would be if I decide to cancel my service after my original contract expiry date but before the new one???). I was also told I would pay $149 for the new modem and that it would come within 3-5 days. I wasn’t too happy by this point but all seemed to be resolved.


After receiving the modem on or about the 30th January, I plugged it in and followed the instructions. It didn’t let me register. After spending many hours on the phone (late at night) with technical support bouncing around from rep to rep I was told it was an activations issue and to call back after 8am the following morning.


So I called just after 8am the following morning to be told by the activations rep there was clearly no activations issue (she could see this within about 10 seconds of looking at my profile) and it was a technical support department issue. Then before she could even explain next steps she tried to flog me a premium service for an additional $99. It was sold to me along the lines of if I wanted my problem solved I needed to take it, regardless of the fact that clearly the resolution was out of my control – I know how to plug in a modem. I explained to the rep that it was inappropriate to ask me to pay for a new modem to be installed under these circumstances – this should be part of your service, and I’m not paying for faulty products or technical support issues/outages!


I then proceeded to be bounced around technical support reps for the next 1.5 hours, to be told that a technician would need to visit. I scheduled it for the coming Saturday from 1-5pm, and I was told that I would receive a call on the day to confirm the exact arrival time


Saturday comes along and guess what, no phone call and no technician to be seen. I call up around 5pm to ask for an explanation to be told that there has been a known fault in my area for some time that’s likely impacting the activation of the new modem. Due to this no technician was assigned to me and nobody had the job to tell me about it. Way to go Telstra!


Next I’m told that it would be another week before a technician could visit, and this time not on a weekend (that would be weeks away), and that too bad for my inconvenience. I’m still not convinced my issue is any closer to being resolved, and I’m not confident that taking a day off work to have a technician out on the 10th is a good idea – you seem to have established a bad record of no show technicians! Particularly if this network fault doesn’t get solved, I see a nasty loop here.


So let’s recap

  • Probably a good 5-6 hours on the phone with no result
  • A rep re-contracting me without any permission – isn’t this illegal. Should I call the TIO?
  • A wasted Saturday afternoon at home for 4 hours – it was the first sunshine in a week too, but I was stuck indoors! Anyways…
  • …and finally, still an unresolved issue and not a lot of confidence in the next steps that are apparently going to resolve this issue..

Please help. I have been a big advocate of Telstra over the past couple of years, have convinced a great number of friends and family to move across and with a monthly ARPU of ~$350 across my services I’m pretty unhappy with the poor service I’m starting to get.


I look forward to your response




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Telstra (Retired)
Telstra (Retired)

Re: Do you really get an ultimate service with the new ultimate cable plan?

hi Josh

Wow what an epic journey for you in recent times.


I feel its time we took matters in hand for you and got this resolved once and for all.  From what I can see, your issues are:-


-   Your account recontracted without your consent.

-    A new modem not connecting

-   A technician appointment but no show by the technician


I will be sending you a PM to request some account details from you, and we can get things moving along.


I am so sorry that this issue has occurred for you, and also that it is taking such a long time to have resolved. Once I have your account details I will be escalating your issues for a fast resolution.



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