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Does Bigpond Throttling International FTP Traffic?

Over the last 3-4 weeks I've noticed an issue on my Bigpond cable service when FTPing only from international sites. The behaviour is extremely strange and does not occur when using local australian based sites. Fundamentally, the negiotiation on FTP is impacted and the resulting speed for a file transfer appears to be throttled to somewhere between 8-32kb/s. This is extremely slow for an Ultimate service.


Explaining a bit more. If I have 4 sessions configured to transfer a directory when the transfer is initiated, generally each session is established and the transfer for the initial files is done at 2-3Mbps. After the file is complete, and when the next file is initiated and negiotation takes places, very frequently the subsequent file only reaches 32kbps. If I stop the transfer and then restart the same behaviour takes place. ie. the file that was transfering at 32kbps now transfers at 2-3Mb/s but the next subequent file transfers are impacted and the speed reached is only 32kbp/s.


This only appears to occur on international sites and not those located in Australia eg. aarnet is fine, debian mirror fine etc. I've only tried 3 linux mirrors internationally and these are all impacted in the same manner. I've also tried different PC's and direct connection to my CG3100 removing my internal home networking. The issue however remains under all these circumstances.


So I am wondering, has Bigpond started throttling FTP traffic?



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Re: Does Bigpond Throttling International FTP Traffic?

Hi Tommiy,


I would suggest the place to start is by performing traceroutes using a 3rd party program as outline here:


You can also try changing your DNS settings to see if this makes any difference. Googles Public DNS settings can be found here:

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Re: Does Bigpond Throttling International FTP Traffic?

I did try a tracert before posting. However, i've tried again and nothing unusal appears. Packe losss to the other site is not an issue as that is at 0%.


SO just to prove that this is something Bigpond is doing to my traffic I decided to create my own VPN between the host and my PC. Having done this and then running a ftp sessioon over the encrypted tunnel everything works 100%. If I disconnect from my VPN and try and transfer the exact same files I get the same behaviour as I had previously.


Now I'm going to brush up on my technical aspects here but in an unencrypted form the traffic gets reduced. In an encrypted form the traffic runs without the throttling being present. The only thing that has been done is to push the traffic down an encrypted tunnel and hence the traffic is not visbile to network packet inspection services.


Any other ideas as to why Bigpond network is throttling traffic? 

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