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Does the Customer service guarantee apply to NBN Landlines

Along with a hoard of other unhappy Telstra customers, I upgraded our service from ADSL2+ to NBN as it became available. Well it may have been available but we still haven't got it, and our old service has been disconnected. Ofcourse, the telstra billing service hasn't been disconnected and we continue to receive bills even though we haven't been receiving service.


I queried a senior complaints manager about the customer service guarantee, and was told that there are many exceptions to the guarantee and I should be careful about expecting anything. Given the service was thru the NBN we may not qualify for the guarantee. 


We have been without a landline for a fortnight with no estimate of when it might be fixed. At every time I requested an alternative service thru the Customer service guarantee, I was told NO!!! Just wait a while longer. It will be fixed.


Eventually the same senior Telstra complaints manager agreed to send out a replacement service; some ultra cheap mobile with credit to cover our use. But when it didn't arrive, I spoke to this senior person again and he admitted they never ordered the alternative service(i.e he lied). I was told to go out and buy a telstra mobile at my own expense and some small amount of credit MIGHT be added to the card if possible. We are paying for unlimited calls thru our NBN service and not receiving the service. Strange that every solution offered by Telstra required us to spend more money with no guarantee of any compensation; i.e. nothing in writing, email or sms saying we would be compensated, just the word of a person who admitted lying to me????


What gives Telstra. Does the Customer service guarantee have any meaning at all, or is it just another Telstra empty promise? 

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Re: Does the Customer service guarantee apply to NBN Landlines

The Customer Service Guarantee isn't a Telstra promise it is based on ACMA guidelines... it does have limitations and exceptions... particularly with NBN... but yes, you can be entitled under the CSG depending on the situation.

The details of the CSG are on the ACMA page here:
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