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Dropping out all day

Hi all,


Today I have been having a ridiculous amount of disconnections all morning, day and night. 

Usually it disconnects after about 3-5 minutes, but I have been lucky to be connected for an hour once or twice.


I'm currently using a Telstra Gateway Max modem that is only a few weeks old as we had our previous one replaced as it was not working. I'll also note as well that we have had a lot of problems for the past 4-6 weeks with a lot of dropping out and very slow speeds. I contacted bigpond support who sent someone to fix the line, and as a result the internet seemed slightly better but the phone line (have two seperate lines in the house) stopped working.


I then contacted them to fix the phone line and as a result it seemed to fix the issues except when we got a call or had to make a call on the home phone, the internet would drop out. In addition to this are the latest problems to date with a ridiculous amount of dropping out.


I'm getting quite frustrated at how these fixes are not sticking for the long term, and seem to be a solution for a week or two at max. I would contact the online support through the 24x7 chat but I'm worried I'll drop out. Even if they say you can reach them through a link in an email, I don't believe it has ever worked as I always end up waiting another 30minutes to an hour to end up with another representative.


We have a very slight crackle on the line so I'm not sure if calling is a great option either, but I will if I cannot find a solution on this forum. It honestly isn't good enough to have to deal with problems for nearly 2 months now. 


I couldn't find any outages in my area or didn't see any reps working in my area. I have tried a different modem, resetting the modem, turning off the modem for a couple hours, changing the filter, unplugging the other phone line and having only my modem plugged into its own socket but nothing has worked. There was a slight bit of rain and some thunderstorms for a short period of time last night but the internet seemed to be alright, except for a few minutes for the rest of the night. 



Is there much I can do? Am I the only one experiencing this today? I live in Western Australia by the way, about 10 minutes from the city of Perth. I'm using a computer that is connected through an ethernet cable and the family use wifi, but we have the same issues.


Thank you and forgive my long message.

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Re: Dropping out all day

Just letting you know that this has become even worse and is obviously still going on. This is an absolute joke.
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Telstra (Retired)

Re: Dropping out all day

Hi NatFyfe7, 


when we got a call or had to make a call on the home phone, the internet would drop out.


This indicates either a faulty filter/splitter or no filter present on a lines that is connected to a handset.  All handsets need to be connected to an ADSL filter/spitter.  Check that first, then I would also recommend that you perform an isolation test, this helps rule out the most common reasons for slow speeds and drop outs on ADSL services. You can find instructions on how to do this by visiting http://tel.st/wsey



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