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E mail address for Andy Ellis Head of Customer Service and Contact Centres.

Does anybody have an E mail address for


Head of Customer Service and Contact Centres.

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Re: E mail address for Andy Ellis Head of Customer Service and Contact Centres.

Hi there Fed, first up email address's normally  aren't made available or used for public contact.


What seems to be your problem there and  we might be able to point you to the right team members and available contact details to assist you.



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NB: I am NOT a Telstra employee, just another customer like you.
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Re: E mail address for Andy Ellis Head of Customer Service and Contact Centres.

Am older user and am very concerned that the last words I hear before I pass away are

" We are sorry that all our  blah blah blah   29th. in line"   on a Sunday afternoon at 3.45p.m.!!

Telstra Service is diabolical, I am now well outside the 5 business day's call back for the second time.

I could go on but am worried that this might be my last E mail.

Thanks for your efforts but am sure that if Telstra want all my confidential information before they will even talk to me

then the E mail address of the supposed customer service manager to make a complaint is not over the top.

I feel that writing to a locked bag with a complaint is hardly 20th Century!!! and falls into the same category as the ABC who review all the complaints themselves!

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Can it get any slower. Telstra Customer Supourt or lack thereof.

It would appear that the Glaciers are not receeding as time taken to get any answer from Telstra Supourt proves.


Why on this Earth cannot Telstra simply answer the questions as they are raised and


eradicate this Customer Torture of collosal time wasting in the hope that finally the customer will just shut up and go away.


There should be a direct link between a customer's account and the time that Telstra wastes on the telephone, e mail etc.


by snail like responses to any form of enquiry or complaint.


I sugest that the customers account should be credited by the same hourly rate as the Telstra operative recieves.


If that was instigated, I for one would probably enjoy free service for the rest of my life.


Come on Telstra,  "Extractum Digitum" and get some efficient operatives in place and some systems that answer the most


commonly asked questions, then and there, without need for Escalation ( whatever that is)

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Re: E mail address for Andy Ellis Head of Customer Service and Contact Centres.

If you could provide a bit of information on precisely what you need assistance with as @DEANJA asked above then we may be able to provide some answers for you on here or at least direct you to where you can find the solution you are looking for.


You mention a missed callback, do you have a case or reference number for this? If so, I can double check with the case manager why the call was missed.

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