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Email from Telstra: It's not too late to connect

I have received an email from Telstra claiming that they have been trying to contact me to upgrade to NBN before it's too late, implying that I will be cut off if I don't with the message:
     "To keep your home phone and internet working, you’ll need to connect to nbn."
I have no indication of any such attempts to contact me.
I would rather not switch to ABN unless I have to; I am completely happy with my existing plan.
I am currently overseas and will return in mid-February. Can anyone advise if it will be OK to look further into switching to NBN at that point? I have family members living in my apartment during my absence and I wouldn't want them to be without an Internet connection.
Thanks in advance for your advice.
Sharon R.

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Re: Email from Telstra: It's not too late to connect

Firstly estsblish if it was a genuine Telstra message.

You can ring   Telstra free of charge using a Telstra phone from overseas on 

+61 439 125 109 to establish the veracity of the text and the exact cut off date and your options.


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Re: Email from Telstra: It's not too late to connect

Hi Professor Phone,


Yes, it's a genuine message. I don't think they will dare cut me off without a formal notification. I don't have a Telstra mobile, so I will take my chances. Off with their heads if my service is interrupted without further contact.





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Level 25: The Singularity

Re: Email from Telstra: It's not too late to connect

They (any Telco) have no choice about cutting your service once the NBN cutoff date is reached. That is a government mandated process and Telstra cannot prevent it from occurring.


If you don't switch over to an NBN based connection prior to the cutoff date (18 months after the NBN becomes available in your area), then that's it. The email that you have received from Telstra was your warning of this.


You can also contact Telstra via Livechat.

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