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Excess charge on my NBN bill

I signed up to the $90 Unlimited NBN deal back in Sept 2019, my bill has been $90, $70 and $50 for the last 3 bills. I just received my next bill at a whopping $220!! And I just found out that I was never on the Unlimited NBN plan due to a Telstra staff stuff up. I asked multiple times for the $90 Unlimited NBN, I have argued this ridiculous excess charge to a Telstra and got no where. They tell me I agreed to a different broadband but cant explain why I have had $90 bills, I absolutely DID NOT agree to a different broadband. Has this ever happened to anyone? So many stuff ups from Telstra and they can never do anything right. I have spoken to Telstra and they tell me they cant do anything which is almost fraudulent for them to change my plan WITHOUT my permission and the unexpected excess charges.

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Re: Excess charge on my NBN bill

Telstra Home Broadband Plans do not have excess usage charges, all that happens if you hit your allowance is that your speed is slowed to 256kbps until the next billing period commences.

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Re: Excess charge on my NBN bill

This does not sound correct. Your contacts with Telstra should be recorded, as they record contract agreements.

Have you retained Interaction numbers for your phone calls?

If you are wanting to take this further, you can lodge a complaint.

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